Third Stage Consulting provides boutique impact production services to social justice documentary film campaigns. We take on a small number of films at one time to ensure that your project will get the personal and flexible service needed to run a campaign. Third Stage Consulting will work with your team to develop a strategic plan, develop NGO and governmental partnerships, and execute your strategy. Third Stage Consulting will embed with your team to help organize contacts, manage communication, and work with subjects. Third Stage Consulting will help you raise money through foundation research and proposal development. Third Stage Consulting partners with some of the most innovative and hardworking consultants in the field who will provide the same level of personalized services such as: public relations, educational tool development, legislative screening events, and large scale outreach and engagement.

We LOVE working with filmmakers, funders, advocates and activists, to move film projects past production and distribution into the “third stage” of long-term IMPACT.


Current and Recent Projects

Almost Sunrise

 God Knows Where I AmIda's DiaryRaising Bertie







Untitled Reef Project


Third Stage Consulting is a recommended impact production service for POV, Fledgling Fund, TUGG, Brian Gelden Public Relations, Women Make Movies, Blue Shift Education and the 2050 Group.


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