Erin Sorenson, Founder and CEO

Erin Sorenson brings 23 years of experience in applying strategic planning and critical thinking to advance  mission centered organizations and activism to create long lasting social change.

Prior to launching Third Stage Consulting in 2011, Erin was the Chief Programs Officer for the BeCause Foundation, a foundation dedicated to the power of documentary filmmaking and its fusion with creative outreach and engagement projects. While there, she worked with filmmakers to develop relationships with nonprofit organizations. Using storytelling to enhance their missions she worked with filmmakers and change-makers to develop outreach strategy and long-term legacy project development.

Erin is also a frequent trainer and consultant for Brit Doc, conducting trainings on impact production and consultation on new film campaigns. Erin wrote the 2016 Brit Doc Impact Awards analyzing the top 5 impact campaigns in 2015-2016. Additionally, Erin provides single consultations with filmmakers in areas related to impact, distribution, consultant selection, etc.

Erin graduated with her Masters Degree in Social Service Administration at the University of Chicago, where she later taught and worked on research related to decision making for four years. Prior to working with documentary film projects, Erin founded three nonprofits dedicated to the abused children and families. She was a subject in the documentary Alone No Love,” In 1995 she was awarded “Chicagoan of the Year” for her work with Chicago’s Mayor Daley in developing the Chicago Children’s Advocacy Center, one of the nations largest programs for abused children.

When not working on or watching documentaries, Erin is likely to be singing out of tune and playing guitar, baking or working on a new mosaic.

Mary Ruben, Outreach and Engagement Coordinator

Mary Ruben has been with the Third Stage team since December 2016. Along with film, she has a great love for social justice, animals, and a questionable obsession with true and fictional crime. Also shoes. Mary is a graduate from UCLA with a degree in Gender and LGBTQ Studies.




Brigitte Agneray, Designer

Brigitte Agneray is a dog lover and film enthusiast, in that order.

Passionate about film and design, she is also a professional dog trainer and equally passionate about educating the public about dog and cat nutrition.

Brigitte became involved with Third-Stage in August of 2017 and is committed to designing outreach visuals that honor the important films and filmmakers in the Third-Stage portfolio .

Brigitte holds an Associate’s Degree in Film Editing from Tribeca Flashpoint.

Kristin Duncan, Business Manager

Volunteering and working for non-profit community arts associations for years, Her passion for community and social justice brought her to Third-Stage Consulting where she is able to use her administrative skills toward the greater good.

When not managing Third Stage business affairs, Kristin is hanging out with her triplets!




Jinky De Lara, Web Researcher and Data Entry Specialist

Jinky is passionate about organizing and database building! Jinky has been building databases for film projects for the past 5 years and brings her eagle eyes to Third Stage outreach research.  



Mr. Bruce Jones, Office Companion

Mr. Bruce Jones has been with Third Stage since it’s inception. Offering very little help while demanding many on-the-job amenities such as frequent breaks and free lunches, Mr. Jones entertains the team with tales of his latest frisbee dog escapades for which he holds the esteemed honor of 2nd Place Disc Dogs Toss and Catch in Southern California. You can follow Mr. Jones on Facebook.