Service Pricing

Third Stage Consulting provides expert, 360, strategic outreach and impact campaigns…from highly targeted policy change efforts to niche, proactive community and educational outreach campaigns.

Most campaigns are a combination of all services. Thus, pricing will reflect your specific needs.

Primary variables impacting cost:

  • Urgency/Short deadlines
  • Complexity of written strategic impact campaign and subsequent budgets
  • Existing materials and assets
  • Existing and extensive contact list
  • Existing partnerships
  • Number of unique audience niches
  • Financial and impact goals of campaign
  • Campaign Budget

Hourly Consultation/Training   Cost: $150/hour

Film Review and Consultation  Cost: $600 (Fee waived for contracted impact and outreach campaign clients)

Private screening to provide advice around impact, including potential audiences, strategies, campaign costs, resource evaluation, and honest feedback around impact opportunities and challenges.  This consultation is not editorial. Includes full film screening, notes and 2-hours of consultation.

Strategic Planning for Goal Directed Impact Campaign:   Cost ranges from $2,000-$6,000. Plans typically require 4 months to complete depending on the extent of existing partnerships.

Deliverable: Written strategic plan with defined goals, objectives, action steps and timeline. Includes frequent meetings with campaign team, partners and funders. End goal is a document that can be used as foundation for fundraising and grant applications.  Research, identify, initiate and preserve ongoing important NGO relationships. Often entails large-scale activities resulting from partnership. Vetting and identifying political context. May include research and development of campaign production budget.

Pricing is dependent on urgency, breadth of goals and objectives, written document needs, budget development, etc


With Director Michael Collins meeting with Representatives about Veterans and alternative mental health options

Legislative Events:  Cost ranges from $2,000 – $4,000 for single event, depending on goals  and complexity of event, existing relationships with legislators and policymakers. Depending on the event, an hourly rate structure may be more amenable.







Impact Campaign Management: Cost ranges from $3,000 to $5,000/month depending on size and scope of campaign.

Includes fundraising and grant development support, managing contracts/contractors, overseeing campaign coordinators or assistants. Initiate and maintain relationships with partner organizations and other campaign influencers. Includes frequent and regular communication and reporting to filmmaker/producers. Includes leveraged relationships with distributors, theatrical agents and broadcasters.

Audience Development and Outreach

Theatrical Tour Audience Building:  Cost ranges from $3,000-$6,000/month depending on size and timing of tour.

Building audience is lots of work!

Includes proactive and aggressive niche, geo-located audience research and promotion to support local theatrical screenings. Theatrical campaigns often require fast-paced, time-driven activities. Services range from full team engagement to specific promotional activities as needed. Includes participation in all relevant meetings, input on materials, development of robust audience resources that may be used for future campaigns.

Theatrical audience development  is estimated separately from community and educational outreach.




Limited Speaker Appearance Community and Education Tours: Cost ranges from $3,000-$6,000 depending on size, length of tour and urgency.

Includes intensive outreach to book, negotiate and schedule film with appearances, typically over a 6-8 week period. May or may not target specific areas of the U.S. Tours require extensive promotion, contract negotiations and tight scheduling (timing, travel, accommodations, etc.). Does not include arranging specific travel once contract is negotiated. Financial goals are mutually determined and revenues are expected to exceed cost of the tour.

Documentary Community and Education Screenings:  Cost varies on urgency, goals, scope and existing campaign resources.  Range is $3,500 – $6,000/month. Minimum 5-6 month commitment depending on necessary asset development.

Costs are contingent on existing contacts and partnerships and level of audience contact researched required. Costs may increase or decrease after 4 months depending on level of license sales, level of screening event management and filmmaker/subject appearances.

These are turnkey services from identifying and testing wide audience interest (beyond the obvious), email promotions through invoicing and follow up.

Service flow:

  • 1st month: Promotion strategy, asset assessment and development, outreach to existing partners,  initial promotion designs
  • 2nd month forward:
    • Audience specific messaging, design and segmenting
    • Ongoing engagement assessment
    • Follow up on established interest and promotional interest
    • Intense pipeline management
    • Negotiation, invoicing, contracting and follow up
    • Fulfillment
    • Intensive formal and informal client communication

Multimedia Social Strategy and Implementation: Cost ranges from $2,000-$5,000 month.


  • Clear objective and indicator setting
  • Media mapping
  • Identification of stakeholders
  • Target audience research
  • Message crafting
  • Effective message development/Call to action
  • Media asset assessment and consultation
  • Identification of strategic media formats and tactics
  • Managing campaign
  • Website analysis and occasional edits/additions (not building)

Community Screening/Discussion Guide Cost: $1,000 if combined with outreach and education services. $1,500 if sole service.

Film-branded host planning guide. Guide includes:

  1. Detailed screening logistics
  2. Sample event agendas
  3. Issue related resources
  4. Discussion questions and answers (between 10-15 items)
  5. Information related to partnering, funding and promoting events

Partner Promotion Deck Cost: $1,000 if combined with outreach and education services. $1,500 if sole service.

Powerpoint/PDF deck designed for presentations to corporate and large NGO screening and sales opportunities.

Review and edit of existing guides/decks. Cost: $110/hour for review. Extensive editing and resource development: $500 per document.

These services require a minimum 5-month commitment due to campaign preparation, realistic timeframe related to host communication, finding the ‘best pricing’ zone, audience list building and allowing for multiple promotions.