Why 3rd STAGE?

In the life of a great documentary there are three broad stages upon which it exists.

The first stage is production.

The second stage is finding an audience.

The third Stage of a great documentary is creating CHANGE as a result of the film and the great story that it tells.

You  might be asking…”Should I Hire a Company or Contractor?”

Choosing to work with a company or contractor need not be a question of either/or but more a question of what/when?

Independent contractors, like Third Stage, bring contractual elasticity that will support the changing and emergent needs of your project. Contractors have very specific skills that may include content knowledge, existing relationships, strategic planning and grant writing. They may or may not have an extensive background in filmmaking and production.

Media companies often possess an infrastructure poised to manage the logistics of larger campaigns. Contracts define specific activities and costs as well as staff that will be assigned to tasks. Companies often have a wide knowledge of industry specifics related to screenings fees, rights and promotion. Most companies do not fundraise.

Other filmmakers are your best references…ask around!