A Note about Costs

Third Stage Consulting provides expert, 360, strategic outreach and impact campaigns…from highly targeted policy change efforts to niche, proactive community and educational outreach campaigns.

Every single campaign is unique.

We join documentary filmmakers in their quest for sustainability.

We believe that it’s important that we honor one another and ourselves through fair compensation.

All impact and outreach service providers are unique! You can find description and cost estimates of our services on this site. We offer these estimates in the spirit of transparency and not competition. The reality is that many of us cannot accept all the film campaigns that come our way.  We refer to one another, network and share resources. Often, talking with several impact and outreach producers will help bring your campaign vision become clearer.  The more clarity you have about your campaign goals will inform the type of services you need for success–whether through Third Stage or any of our wonderful impact producer colleagues!


Money isn’t everything!