Outreach and Education Services

Theatrical Tour Audience Building:  Cost ranges from $2,000-$7,000 depending on size of tour.

Building audience is lots of work!


Deliverable: Proactive and aggressive niche audience research and promotion to support local theatrical screenings. These services are provided with an ‘all hands on deck’ approach. Includes participation in all relevant meetings, input on materials, development of a robust audience resource that may be used for future campaigns.





Community and Education Outreach:  Cost varies on urgency, goals, size and existing campaign resources.  Range is $2,500 – $5,000/month. Theatrical

Telluride Film Fest with Almost Sunrise team

tour audience building is estimated separate from community an education outreach services, Cost considerations may be available depending on length of outreach and education campaign.

Each campaign is unique depending on the following:

  1. Goals: Mission or Money (usually a combination of both!)
  2. Extent of speaker appearance negotiation required (filmmakers and subjects)
  3. Extent of existing large NGO relationships
  4. Extent of existing individual contacts
  5. Social media support


Services include:

  1. Individual personal emails, phone and Skype conversations with key promotion partners
  2. Mid-size email marketing via Third Stage private platform designed to increase resistance to spam filters
  3. Niche audience contact research (5,000-10,000 contacts depending on budget)
  4. Use of relevant existing lists developed by Third Stage
  5. Promotion design with audience specific messaging
  6. Pipeline management
  7. Timely host communication (within 24 hours on weekdays)
  8. Extensive follow up on ‘no response after initial inquiry” opportunities.
  9. Speaker fee and calendar negotiation and and processing written speaker agreements
  10. Invoicing and mailing
  11. Updated reporting on license sales and screenings

These services require a minimum 4-month commitment due to campaign preparation, realistic timeframe related to host communication, finding the ‘best pricing’ zone, audience list building and allowing for multiple promotions.

Social Media Outreach  Cost: $2,000 – $4,000/month

Our social media outreach is highly dependent on strategy towards measurable goals and objectives. We look for opportunities to engage with individuals through researched relevant FB groups. We do not post on twitter or instagram beyond FB platform links. We proactively research and promote film and filmmaker interviews to influential blogger and podcasters.

Pricing is largely dependent on frequency of posting and cross-posting.