Our Team

Erin Sorenson, Founder and CEO

Erin Sorenson is an impact producer and founded Third Stage Consulting in 2012. Providing strategic planning and niche impact distribution for documentary film projects, Erin has worked on over 50 impact campaigns to date. Erin is a frequent trainer at Good Pitch filmmaker workshops around the world.

With a focus on subject-driven documentaries, specific interests include:  interpersonal violence, women’s issues, poverty, animal rights, LGBTQ, alternative healing and food justice/sustainability.

Prior to founding Third Stage Consulting, Erin spent 5 years as the Chief Programs Officer for the BeCause Foundation, a foundation dedicated to the power of documentary filmmaking and its fusion with creative outreach and engagement projects.

Erin graduated with her master’s degree in Social Service Administration at the University of Chicago. In 2001 she was awarded “Chicagoan of the Year” for her work with Chicago’s Mayor Daley in developing one of the nation’s largest nonprofits for abused children.

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Kaitlin Bella, Impact Campaign Coordinator

Kaitlin Bella is the impact campaign coordinator with Third Stage Consulting providing project management on niche impact distribution campaigns. Kaitlin works with clients to streamline asset collection and promotion analysis. Kaitlin is responsible for day-to-day campaign management and oversees back-end distribution activities ensuring that screening hosts are fully engaged and are provided all materials needed for a successful event. Kaitlin is also responsible for maintaining invoice collections and follow up.

With a background in digital services and aggregation, Kaitlin worked in operational leadership positions that included working with film producers and content providers though the commercialization process including developing release plans and pricing across available VOD platforms.

Proficient in multiple languages, Kaitlin studied in China and Spain and received her degree from University of the Pacific in International Relations and Global Studies.


Aisha Almeda, Impact Campaign and Social Media Coordinator







Jinky De Lara, Web Researcher and Data Entry Specialist

Jinky is passionate about audience contact building! Jinky has been building databases for film projects for the past 5 years and brings her eagle eyes to Third Stage outreach research.  


Mr. Bruce Jones, Office Assistant

Mr. Bruce Jones has been with Third Stage since it’s inception. Offering very little help while demanding many on-the-job amenities such as frequent breaks and free lunches, Mr. Jones entertains the team with tales of his latest frisbee dog escapades for which he holds the esteemed honor of 2nd Place Disc Dogs Toss and Catch in Southern California. You can follow Mr. Jones on Facebook.