Educational Outreach


Documentaries have the power to deepen understanding of an issue, provoke new perspectives, and, inspire action. Third Stage is committed to promoting these important stories through our educational outreach.

Most people interested in the films we represent are not your typical blockbuster moviegoer. Our films typically are used by targeted institutions with a direct connection to the film’s subject matter. We apply a creative process to each campaign that reflects the uniqueness of each film’s subject area.

Our approach to success is relationship building. The typical screening host has never organized a film event. As needed, our campaign managers walk with hosts through the entire process… from setting up a digital screening platform, promoting their event, choosing panelists to moderating discussions.


Niche Audience Identification

Through extensive contact research, we develop customized and segmented list of niche institutional interest. In addition to new audience research, we maintain extensive contact lists that may be applied to campaign.

Promotion Messaging and Design

We design institutionally specific educational emails to engage decision makers and get them interested in purchasing licensing agreements for their facilities to use the films.

Robust screening and discussion guides

In addition to specific film information, our guides include sections such as: hosting in-person and virtual events; how to moderate a panel, working with local partners, specific discussion questions, etc.

Custom virtual screening platforms

We ‘ll work with your web developer to set up password protected website screening page. These pages are customized for each host to include their branding. They can also include links to newsletters, post-viewing surveys, etc.

Direct mail analytics and conversation tracking

There is no magic wand. We are always analyzing the best process that brings a contact from opening an email to hosting a screening. Analytics are essential to our campaign as they inform us about what is working and what can be improved (e.g., day/time of mailing, subject heading, messaging, etc.).

Licensing, Invoices and Fulfillment

We manage all license and appearance fee negotiations, invoicing and making sure that the host has film media on time.
License and appearance fees are paid directly to our clients.

Educational Outreach Campaigns


The Love Bugs (2022),
Dirs. Maria Clinton and Allison Otto

Targeting STEM programs in homeschools and virtual elementary schools, over 2000 film and curriculum kits were downloaded.

Fast Forward (2021),
Dir. Michael Hurtig

The Fast Forward Campaign secured and assisted in over 300 screenings in nursing homes, government centers, aging organizations, and universities
A road to home

Road to Home (2021),
Dirs. Jon Sickle and Greg Jacobs

Third Stage developed outreach campaign targeting Corporate DEI (Diversity, Equality and Inclusion) departments to use the film for employee training.

Crossing Bhutan (2019),
Dir. Ben Henretig

The Crossing Bhutan campaign promoted community and educational screening events to spread happiness, delight and inspiration promoting all of us to slow down and apply Bhutan’s Gross National Happiness Index to our own lives!

Maineland (2018),
Dir. Miao Wang

The Maineland outreach campaign targeted screenings and appearances to 100 private schools and universities with large populations of international students.

Love & Bananas (2018),
Dir. Ashley Bell

The Love & Bananas campaign built awareness of the plight of Asian Elephants through a 50 theater tour, over 60 community screenings and a one-month U.S. tour for director Ashley Bell and Elephant Nature Park founder, Lek Chailert.

Southwest of Salem (2018),
Dir. Deborah Esquenazi

The Southwest of Salem outreach and engagement campaign targeted criminal justice, innocence projects, LGBTQ organizations and law schools to create screening events across North America.

Grace (2018),
Dir. Rachel Pikelny

The Grace outreach campaign brought the film to cancer wellness centers, major cancer medical centers and develop use for Grand Rounds.
TS Website Transmilitary_Poster_SXSWLaurels

TransMilitary (2018),
Dirs. Fiona Dawson, Jamie Coughlin and Gabe Silverman

The TransMilitary campaign created opportunities to build awareness and advocacy to enable transgender service members to serve openly in every branch of the military. The campaign was designed to work with large LGBTQ and human rights organizations and allies to support legal and public programming through film-centered screenings, trainings and events.
Regarding Susan Sontag

Regarding Susan Sontag (2018),
Dir. Nancy Kates

Third Stage produced outreach and opportunities for film screenings in public arts forums (such as museums and humanities festivals). Third Stage sought ongoing campaign funding and assisted in NEA grant fulfillment.
america in transition

America in Transition (2018),
Dir. André Perez

Third Stage provided outreach services to LGBTQ youth centers and diversity university programs.
Over 18

Over 18 (2017),
Dir. Jared Brock

Third Stage developed and managed U.S. outreach campaign targeting faith-based communities. Developed press kit, education guide and promotional materials.

Kangaroo (2017),
Dirs. Mick and Kate McIntyre

Working with major NGO’s the Kangaroo Campaign developed screenings to animal rights and wildlife activists across North America.
Untitled design

Borderline (2017),
Dir. Rebbie Ratner

Third Stage developed and managed U.S. outreach campaign targeting mental health communities. Created screening guide.
Love Between the Covers

Love Between the Covers (2016),
Dir. Laurie Kahn

Third Stage developed and managed U.S. outreach campaign targeting writers, women studies programs and humanities councils.