Impact Campaigns


Third Stage Consulting is dedicated to building on the inspiration and urgency that documentary film brings to social justice concerns. Creative programming wrapped around a story, inspires those in the trenches grappling with ways to bring public awareness and empathy to those concerns. Through these efforts, Third Stage Consulting ensures that social justice documentaries create impact far beyond festivals, public audience engagement and broadcasts activity.

Third Stage Consulting provides strategic planning, designed to build the capacity of the nonprofit sector through partnerships with documentary filmmakers. Building on the filmmaker’s vision, we develop impactful and strategic calls to action – operationalized through targeted and measurable goals and objectives.


Written strategic plan with defined goals, objectives, action steps and timeline. Includes frequent meetings with campaign team, partners and funders.

Research, identify, initiate and preserve ongoing important NGO relationships.

Vetting and identifying political context.

Fundraising research and grant development support

Managing contracts/contractors, overseeing campaign coordinators or assistants.

Includes leveraged relationships with distributors, theatrical agents and broadcasters.

Current Campaigns

Who We Are: A Chronicle of Racism in America

The campaign is centered around the mission and spirit of the WWAP to focus on “fierce, and factual efforts to correct the American narrative on our shared history of anti-Black racism.” Executed through a film screening campaign targeting the U.S. justice system, the film will be a mechanism to promote open conversation around issues related to the impact of racism on decision-making from arrest through imprisonment.

Jacinta (2022), Dir. Jessica Earnshaw

Third Stage designed and is currently executing an impact campaign that works with partners to disrupt laws, policies and practices that separate incarcerated mothers and their children. Campaign activities include criminal justice center training, national virtual broadcast panels with court reform activists, Instagram Live series, prison tour and educational outreach.

Hidden Letters (2022), Dir. Violent Feng

Third Stage is currently developing the impact campaign strategy to create a virtual museum of women’s art. The campaign will provide accessible virtual spaces for women to weave a landscape, through art, that allows expressions of vulnerability, resilience, and complexity of experience. The campaign will be present on TikTok, Instagram and culminate with events (museums, public gardens, and cultural centers around the world) that showcase the film and the museum of hidden art that it inspired.

Greener Pastures (2021), Dir. Sam Mirpoorian

Third Stage is currently designing the impact strategy with the goal of increased mental health services to rural communities.

Zero Gravity (2022), Dir. Thomas Verritte

Third Stage is providing ongoing strategic assistance around fund development and outreach.


Reunited States

ReUnited States (2020),
Dir.Ben Rekhi

An inspirational film about bridging the American political divide, Third Stage developed the campaign strategy and managed the outreach screening campaign.
Dog Walk Home

Dog Walk Home (2020),
Dir.Vicki Topaz

Third Stage designed an extensive impact campaign strategy designed to promote the support for therapy dogs as an effective assistance for veteran’s suffering from PTSD.
i am greta

Greta (2020),
For Exposure Labs

Third Stage provided services to create a impact campaign deck and budget.
Sacred cow

Sacred Cow (2020),
Dir. Diana Rodgers

Third Stage designed an extensive impact campaign strategy and budget. Conducted funding research and development.
Roll Red Roll

Roll Red Roll (2018),
Dir. Nancy Schwartzman

An eye-opening film about the Steubenville High School rape case, Third Stage’s developed the impact strategy designed to engage your and youth-serving organizations.
Minding the Gap

Minding the Gap (2018),
Dir. Bing Liu

Third Stage provided ongoing consultation through impact campaign development.

Councilwoman (2017),
Dir. Margo Guernsey

Third Stage designed the impact campaign strategy designed to enhance training and inspiration for non-truadional candidates to run for office.
Home Truth

Home Truth (2017),
Dir. April Hayes and Katia Maguire

Third Stage developed impact campaign strategy designed to use film screening events to promote recognition of domestic violence as a human rights violation. Included in the planning was an influencers brain trust meeting during the DOC NYÇ film festival.
chasing Coral

Chasing Coral (2017),
Dir. Jeff Orlowski

Third Stage developed full impact campaign strategy and budget, assisted with NGO partner research and communication. Assisted in hiring of full-time impact producer.

Monster in the Mind (2017),
Dir. Jean Carper

Third Stage developed and managed North American outreach campaign targeting Alzheimers research, advocacy and prevention communities. Created screening guide, press kit and promotional materials.
Dispatches from Cleveland

Dispatches from Cleveland (2017),
Dir. Catherine Gund

Third Stage developed full strategic plan, budget, and foundation support applications. Oversaw development of discussion materials.
62 Days logo copy

62 Days (2017),
Dir. Rebecca Haimowitz

The 62 Days campaign worked with partners from universities and the ACLU to host 5 events in states in which there are (or lack) laws in which a woman's medical directive is voided in the event of pregnancy.
blood at the doorstep

Blood is at the Doorstep (2017),
Dir. Eric Lyjung

Third Stage provided ongoing consultation through impact campaign development.
Bud - Raising Bertie

Raising Bertie (2016),
Dir. Margaret Byrne

Third Stage provided ongoing consultation through impact campaign development.
Almost Sunrise

Almost Sunrise (2016),
Dir. Michael Collins

An Emmy-nominated film about two veterans walking across America, Third Stage’s impact campaign strategy was to reach the film's core audience through targeted community screening tours and immersion activities and specially designed educational materials.
Driving with Selvi

Driving with Selvi (2016),
Dir. Elisa Paloschi

Third Stage worked with director Elisa Paloschi to design the U.S. impact campaign designed to bring support to the expansion of screening opportunities for young women in India.
God Knows Where I Am

God Knows Where I Am (2016),
Dirs. Jedd and Todd Wider

Third Stage developed expert and legislative partnerships in development of federal screening prior to passage of the 2016 Mental Health Reform Act.
Training at IDA's "Getting Real" conference

Ida's Diary (2016),
Dir. August Hannsen

Third Stage developed North American outreach campaign.
A road to home

A Road to Home (2015),
Dir. Cal Skaggs

Third Stage developed educational distribution strategy and discussion materials.

The Homestretch (2015),
Dir. Anne de Mare and Kirsten Kelly

A candid film looking at the reality of homeless youth, The Homestretch had a multi-faceted impact campaign, goals and objectives. Developed strong relationships with federal policy makers and advocates. National screening and panel event.

Private Violence (2015),
Dir. Cynthia Hill

Third Stage developed impact campaign that included state strategies and simultaneous broadcast viewing events. Worked extensively with film subject, Kit Gruelle, to secure speaking engagements, contracting and website development. Created widely recognized “What to Say (and Not to Say).” Developed funded proposals. Worked extensively with educational distributor to develop opportunities for film and Ms. Gruelle.
becoming bulletproof

Becoming Bulletproof (2015),
Dir. Michael Barnett

Third Stage developed wide scope impact campaign that targeted the entertainment industry and engaged national organizations serving the disabled community.

@Home (2014),
Dir. Suzanne Suffredin

Third Stage worked with producers, assisted with funding strategy and grant-seeking. Consulted on development of community outreach strategy.

Bully (2013),
Dir. Lee Hirsch

An influential film about bullying, Third-Stage developed a crisis intervention strategy for the film, educational materials, and website placement.
Guns Grief and Grace

Guns, Grief and Grace in America: Changing the Conversation about Gun Violence (2013),
Dir. Janet Fitch

Third Stage developed strategic impact campaign call to action and long-form strategy. Researched and developed initial funding proposals to support the community based "Changing the Conversation about Gun Violence" program.
One Bridge to the Next

One Bridge to the Next (2013),
Dir. Kim A. Snyder

Erin Sorenson with the BeCause Foundation developed strategy and educational distribution. Facilitated development of legacy program, International Street Medicine Institute ( Developed board of directors, managed corporate start up including incorporation, 3-year budget and strategic plan, assisted with initial grant applications.
Invisible War

Invisible War (2013),
Dir. Kirby Dick and Amy Ziering

Erin Sorenson with the BeCause Foundation secured funding for and participated in planning for national advocacy braintrust.
Welcome to Shelbyville

Welcome to Shelbyville (2013),
Dir. Kim A. Snyder

A touching film about immigration changing the demographics in a bible belt town, working with Active Voice, developed partner strategy and educational distribution. Facilitated post-production administration (rights, releases, E&O, ITVS contract).
Crossing Midnight

Crossing Midnight (2012),
Dir. Kim A. Snyder

Erin Sorenson, with the BeCause Foundation, developed strategy and educational distribution. Developed discussion guides for professional and pubic audiences. Created and implemented educational and nonprofit distribution strategies. Developed website content. With Active Voice, implemented successful campaign during 2011 World Refugee Week to promote film screenings across the U.S.
Alone No Love

Alone No Love (2011),
Dir. Kim A. Snyder

Erin Sorenson, with the BeCause Foundation developed strategy and implemented educational distribution. Developed discussion guides for professional and pubic audiences. Repurposed film for customizable brief presentations. Created and implemented educational and nonprofit distribution strategies. Developed and managed website content. Developed successful NPO relationships resulting in large scale film purchases and distribution.