Past Campaigns


Councilwoman, Dir. Margo Guernsey

Film:  A hotel housekeeper from the Dominican Republic, Carmen Castillo, has won a City Council seat in Providence, RI, taking her advocacy for low-income workers from the margins to city politics.

Campaign:  Partnering with major NGO’s such as Emily’s List and Run Vote Lead, the Councilwoman campaign will provide short-form media as well as use of the full film to enhance training and inspiration for non-truadional candidates to run for office.


Almost Sunrise, Dir. Michael Collins

Film:  Almost Sunrise is a story of veteran resilience and recovery. The film follows two Iraq veterans, Tom Voss and Anthony Anderson, who struggle with depression upon returning home from service. Fearful of succumbing to the epidemic of veteran suicide, they seek a lifeline and embark on a 2,700-mile walk across America as a way to confront their inner pain.The film captures an intimate portrait of two friends suffering from the unseen wounds of war as they discover an unlikely treatment: the restorative power of silence and meditation.

Campaign:  The overarching goal of the MOVING MOUNTAINS campaign is to introduce to a global audience the emerging concept of moral injury and the urgent need to consider alternative approaches to healing this unique condition.The strategy is to reach the film’s core audience comprised of veterans, their families and communities, mental health providers, military social workers, students, faith-based organizations, and legislators through targeted community screening tours and immersion activities and specially designed educational materials. Third Stage also proudly represents film protagonist Tom Voss and director Michael Collins for speaking events.


Kangaroo, Dirs. Mick and Kate McIntyre

Film:  This groundbreaking film reveals the truth surrounding Australia’s love-hate relationship with its beloved icon. The kangaroo image is proudly used by top companies, sports teams and as tourist souvenirs, yet when they hop across the vast continent some consider them to be pests to be shot and sold for profit. KANGAROO unpacks a national paradigm where the relationship with kangaroos is examined.

Campaign:  Working with major NGO’s the Kangaroo Campaign is designed to develop over 100 screenings to animal rights and wildlife activists across North America.


Southwest of Salem, Dir. Deborah Esquenazi

Film:  After being wrongfully convicted of gang-raping two little girls during the Satanic Panic witchhunt of the 80s and 90s, four Latina lesbians fight against mythology, homophobia, and prosecutorial fervor in this now-classic gay rights ‘True Crime’ tale that helped exonerate the ‘San Antonio Four’

Campaign:  The Southwest of Salem outreach and engagement campaign targets criminal justice, innocence projects, LGBTQ organizations and law schools to create screening events across North America. Third Stage also proudly represents the film protagonists and director Deborah Esquenazi for speaking events.


Dispatches from Cleveland Dir. Catherine Gund

Developed full strategic plan, budget and foundation support applications. Oversaw development of discussion materials.





Monster in the Mind Dir. Jean Carper

Developed and managed North American outreach campaign targeting Alzheimers research, advocacy and prevention communities. Created screening guide, press kit and promotional materials.


Chasing Coral Dir. Jeff Orlowski

Developed full impact campaign strategy and budget, assisted with NGO partner research and communication. Assisted in hiring of full-time impact producer.




Home Truth Dir. April Hayes and Katia Maguire

Developed impact campaign strategy designed to use film screening events to promote recognition of domestic violence as a human rights violation.


Borderline Dir. Rebbie Ratner

Developed and managed U.S. outreach campaign targeting mental health communities. Created screening guide.




Love Between the Covers Dir. Laurie Kahn

Developed and managed U.S. outreach campaign targeting writers, women studies programs and humanities councils.



Over 18 Dir. Jared Brock

Developed and managed U.S. outreach campaign targeting faith-based communities. Developed press kit, education guide and promotional materials




Raising Bertie Dir. Margaret Byrne

Provided ongoing consultation through impact campaign development.



Ida’s Diary Dir. August Hannsen

Developed North American outreach campaign.





A Road to Home Dir. Cal Skaggs

Developed educational distribution strategy and discussion materials.




God Knows Where I Am Dirs. Jedd and Todd Wider

Developed expert and legislative partnerships in development of federal screening prior to passage of the 2016 Mental Health Reform Act.




Doc Society (BritDoc) Good Pitch

The award winning Good Pitch program brings filmmakers, funders, media and nonprofit organizations together to forge new partnerships. Third Stage conducts impact workshops for filmmakers, and served on the planning board that brought Brit Docs Good Pitch program to Chicago in 2013 and 2015. Erin Sorenson wrote the 2015-16 Impact Award Winner campaign analysis.


The Homestretch Dir. Anne de Mare and Kirsten Kelly, Spargel Productions

Developed multi-faceted impact campaign, goals and objectives. Developed strong relationships with federal policy makers and advocates. Wrote funded foundation grants and facilitated policy-level events.




Bullet_ProofBecoming Bulletproof 

Dir. Michael Barnett, SuperFilms!
Developed wide scope impact campaign that targeted the entertainment industry, and engaged national organizations serving the disabled community.


Private Violence 

Dir. Cynthia Hill, Markay Productions 

Developed impact campaign that included state strategies and simultaneous broadcast viewing events. Worked extensively with film subject, Kit Gruelle, to secure speaking engagements, contracting and website development. Developed funding proposals. Worked extensively with educational distributor to develop opportunities for film and Ms. Gruelle.



Regarding Susan Sontag Dir. Nancy Kates
Third Stage produced outreach and opportunities for film screenings in public arts forums (such as museums and humanities festivals). Third Stage sought ongoing campaign funding and assisted in NEA grant fulfillment.




HalfLifeofWarHalf-Life of War Dir. Kyle Henry
Secured opportunities for film placement in conferences and small events.



Guns, Grief and Grace in America: Changing the Conversation about Gun Violence Dir. Janet Fitch
Developed strategic impact campaign call to action and long-form strategy. Researched and developed initial funding proposals to support the community based “Changing the Conversation about Gun Violence” program.






bully Bully Dir. Lee Hirsch
Developed crisis intervention strategy for film, educational materials and website placement. Consulted with outreach development team around educational and NPO outreach strategy.



@Home Dir. Suzanne Suffredin
With producers, assisted with funding strategy and grant-seeking. Consulted on development of community outreach strategy.







invisible_war-trailerInvisible War Dir. Kirby Dick and Amy Ziering
Secured funding for and participated in planning for national advocacy braintrust.



ShelbyvilleWelcome to Shelbyville Dir. Kim A. Snyder
Developed strategy and educational distribution. Facilitated post-production administration (rights, releases, E&O, ITVS contract). Developed DVD materials (educational and Spanish versions; graphics). Supported Active Voice to develop educational guide and shelbyvillemultidia website. With Active Voice, implemented successful campaign during 2011 World Refugee Week to promote film screenings across the U.S.


One Bridge to the Next 
Dir. Kim A. Snyder
Developed strategy and educational distribution. Facilitated development of legacy program, International Street Medicine Institute ( Developed board of directors, managed corporate start up including incorporation, 3-year budget and strategic plan, assisted with initial grant applications.




Crossing-MidnightCrossing Midnight Dir. Kim A. Snyder
Developed strategy and educational distribution. Developed discussion guides for professional and pubic audiences. Created and implemented educational and nonprofit distribution strategies. Developed website content. With Active Voice, implemented successful campaign during 2011 World Refugee Week to promote film screenings across the U.S.


Screen Shot 2015-07-07 at 5.00.28 PMAlone No Love Dir. Kim A. Snyder
Developed strategy and implemented educational distribution. Developed discussion guides for professional and pubic audiences. Repurposed film for customizable brief presentations. Created and implemented educational and nonprofit distribution strategies. Developed and managed website content. Developed successful NPO relationships resulting in large scale film purchases and distribution.